This issue suffered from weird sleeve syndrome. Its a sewing affliction where otherwise interesting patterns feature unwearable bell, puffed or awkward sleeves. I dare you to wear a bell-sleeve and try to do anything that requires the use of your hands… or arms…

The other affliction on offer is that of the “graphic patterned fabric that makes you appear pregnant”… again generally not ones choosen silhouette (check out the dress with waist yoke 106).

Now onto the stuff I do actually really like, a lovely little a-line skirt with a box pleat, some great kids dresses and jackets, and the PJ/Loungewear is gorgeous.



It’s been a while. I’d been having trouble finding Burda in Sydney, but finally it appears to be stocked once again in a few various newsagents. I’ve also got my hands on a few back issues on eBay.

I’ve also had a bit of extra time to get back into the sewing room. So without further ado, the next few posts will be Burda reviews, followed by some recent sewn garments.

My home is drowning under clothes, fabric, x2 ex-offices of equipment/desks/computers (from my business I closed down), and general clutter – it was time to call in the big guns – Personal Organisers. The lady’s were lovely and suggested that I should challenge myself not to buy any more clothes, shoes or fabric for a set period of time. So here it is laid down, 6 months of no ebay purchases, online shopping, or trips to spotlight. (I’m going to exempt notions to finish any sewn garments and undies/bras). Lets see how I go people! I really have to upload some of my latest makes soon too….

The kids patterns in this issue are great – some good basics that I can see becoming staple sews (the girls always need new leggings and t-shirts).

I can’t wait to make us all the cute cape raincoat – 1 for me and 1 for each of my girls. The adult version looks like it will be a great backup plan for any rainy days down the snow – and roomy enough for snow gear to fit under.

I like the wedding dress pattern (although I’m not in the market to get married again :)) adapted to a shorter length and without the bow this is will be a cute dress. The skirt and blouse look like easy sews.

I’m absolutely loving the trakky daks and cardigan in this issue – they’ve both moved up the top of my must sew list.



I bought this fabric from Spotlight in the January sales for something like $3 a metre. When purchasing fabric I always just buy what I’m drawn to with no particular plan on what I’ll make from it (my overflowing stash can attest to this!).

I decided I needed a shirt dress and found a couple of options in back issues, settling on this version – the BurdaStyle Prairie Shirt Dress 042011 #107 pattern I altered to have buttons right down the front, and tapered the waist in.



The 1940s inspired patterns in this issue are great. I especially like the flutter sleeve blouse, jacket, skirt and coat (just a couple of things!). The work story has a great simple jacket, and an amazing 60s looking, a-line short coat.

Where this issue really wins though is its comfy, slothing around home loungewear ( perfect for teaming with ugg boots, hot chocolate and a good movie). A wrap/swing jacket, long t-shirt, mini-dress, legs with a skirt (a yes for those with bums like me), a wrap top and harem poopy pants.
And of course with two small female humans in the house a fairy tutu skirt pattern will be a good backup for last minute dress-up requirements.Image

When I saw the cover of this issue I didn’t hold out much hope. Out of all the wonderful patterns in this issue – Burda chooses a humdrum, I’ll fitting lumpy bumpy ensemble made from what looks like the seat covering from a 1989 corolla to put on the front cover. The tied belt does nothing for the jacket except to highlight that it doesn’t fit the model – not to mention the press studs look cheap. So if I wasn’t a total burda junky I would of breezed past this mag on the news stands…

However besides the terrible cover image, there are actually many many patterns that will make my must make list!

I’m starting with the kids patterns. I want to make absolutely every one of them. All so cool and funky and totally wearable. Stay tuned – pretty sure both my girls will be rocking a few of these outfits in the coming months. I’ve already made a pair of the pants in a red star fabric – I’ll post pics soon.

Another stand out for me is the hippy story, sure nothing new and edgy here, but who doesn’t love a bit of boho in their wardrobe? The short jacket and long coat are both cool and the banana skirt is fun. I’m thinking of making it feel a bit more modern in a black/white combo.

I haven’t made a skirt for a while and this issue offers two great simple versions – the a-line with pockets looks like a perfect work go-to and with a longer hemline (and less sparkles) the flippy skirt is also cute.

One of my favorite outfits in this issue is the boucle coat and floral trousers – sweet and cool. I’m thinking Jackie O would not of looked out of place in this ensemble.

I so very very much want to love the cape in this issue but there is something I cant put my finger on that is preventing it from making my list. Is it the chunky collar? Or the proportions? Hmmm I’ll keep waiting for the perfect Burda cape…

I’ve seen a few versions of the jersey dress that burda members have made. Especially love this one ( I really really love this dress but I don’t feel comfortable wearing anything tight around my hips/bum. I’m wondering how hard it would be to make the skirt a more a-line in fit?

Thanks Burda for this issue – lots of variety, sprinkled with fun (although you loose marks for the hideous cover) now…. To try and fit in some sewing time!


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