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Well finally I’ve posted one of my creations on VVV. Here it is, a tutu inspired skirt from Burda 01/2013. This was a cinch to sew, although its quite bulky around the waist. I definitely feel the need to swirl and twirl when wearing it!



You’ll be seeing a few of these style inspiration spreads on VVV. often compiles these  articles on their blog, I thought I’d do a few that are closer to my personal style. So first up this Burda Style Inspiration board comes curtesy of Sass & Bide. If you haven’t heard of them they are an Australian label who do amazingly constructed, edgy pieces that are just plain cool. Seriously I could walk into their store and walk out with everything. But the reality is that I can’t even afford one piece (sigh)…. So here is my interpretation via Burda Style! Looking forward to creating this look sometime in the near future!



Burda Style Blouse 7/2012 #116, 7/2012 #130, 7/2013 #102, 7/2012 #129, 12/2012 #124, 10/2010 #130

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