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Finally my AWOL, 3 months and 3 weeks behind, brand new issue of Burda arrived. And well, was it worth the wait you may ask? I guess the short answer is yes and no.
There isn’t any adult patterns in July 2013 Burda that I absolutely must make, there are 5 things that make my list, but they definitely aren’t at the top of my ever growing inventory. It does appear, however that my daughters will win out with this issue as there are a couple of lovely summery items I’ll be whipping together (when I have the time)! I especially love the Kids Folk-Style dress 142 so sweet, and it might be nice to try some hand embroidery from my Golden Hands 70s craft books.
Burda 07/2013 #114, 143, 142, 145, 141, 130, 102, 109

So I live in Australia, and apparently in terms of magazine deliveries that means I’m actually 3 months behind (lets put aside that I can order something from ASOS in England and have it in my hot little hands within 3 days), but I digress. I’m ok with being 3 months behind, what I’m not ok with is that the latest issue for us (Burda Style July) has gone AWOL! It usually drops first week of the month, and my local newsagent sees me hopping around hoping its arrived. But here I am two weeks into the month and NO BURDA! Its. Not. Fair! #firstworldproblems. Perhaps they all fell off the side of a container ship? Fingers crossed it turns up soon.

On another note this site ( is brilliant for showcasing the very very latest Burda Mag previews. Its all in Russian, but the images clearly translate in any language! I’m particularly excited by these three items that will be in Burda Style 11/2013. Thanks P-an-da!!!!

nov13b nov13a nov13

If you’re into early Burda Previews be sure to visit!

Oh and isn’t nice to see that Burda is catering to the needs of those women with three hands!

Have to say February 2011 isn’t one of my favourites. The Italian style dressing story just isn’t my style, although the two simple dresses are sweet and look like easy sews. The nautical story again not really my style and the one pair of draped pants I loved weren’t included in the patterns. Its quite frustrating when Burda does that!

I’m rather partial to a shift dress, easy to sew, easy to throw on with some tights for work, or sandals for weekend, so don’t mind the two variations on the same theme, shown here in a mustard and a pink. I’m thinking these would look nice in a grey or a navy.┬áThe three little girl dresses are rather lovely – I can see number 145 with three quarter sleeves in a range of different colours for both my girls! Both the frilled dress and the long dress (shortened) look simple and easy to make into fun summer play dresses.
You can purchase many of these patterns individually on or get your hands on a back issue of Burda Style Magazine 02/2011.
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