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Overall this isn’t a stand-out issue. However there are still some things that have made my must sew list, (and a couple have been added to my maybe one day list). By far my favorite piece in this issue is the long striped dress (Burda 3/2105 122) – I have some thinly striped fabric that this would look fab in and I can’t wait to make. I also love a shirt dress (Burda 3/2105 110B), and this one features a nice fitted bodice, and nice collar, however I’ll be amending the pattern so that both sides have the drape – I’m not a big fan of asymmetry. The other standout piece is the kids jumpsuit (Burda 3/2105 137) – so cute for both my 8 year old and (soon to be) 5 year old.

My maybe one day list consists of the long adult jumpsuit (although it looks a little gapey at the front), the peplem shirt, cross over dress and work dress (in the hideous floral red and blue print) with piping.

I’m happily married, so no need for white bridal gowns in my future. But if I was planning on making a dress for myself I can guarantee it would not be from any of these lumpy cheap lacy creations featured here. One looks shredded by a cat, another is a weird lace/dress combo and another looks ill-fitting with strange lumpy cross, over belt pieces – not your best work Burda. The casual dress I love so much in the striped fabric, doesn’t translate well into the lace, looking cheap and tacky. Has anyone actually made and worn one of these dresses to their wedding? Would love to be proven wrong on this one!


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