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This issue suffered from weird sleeve syndrome. Its a sewing affliction where otherwise interesting patterns feature unwearable bell, puffed or awkward sleeves. I dare you to wear a bell-sleeve and try to do anything that requires the use of your hands… or arms…

The other affliction on offer is that of the “graphic patterned fabric that makes you appear pregnant”… again generally not ones choosen silhouette (check out the dress with waist yoke 106).

Now onto the stuff I do actually really like, a lovely little a-line skirt with a box pleat, some great kids dresses and jackets, and the PJ/Loungewear is gorgeous.




It’s been a while. I’d been having trouble finding Burda in Sydney, but finally it appears to be stocked once again in a few various newsagents. I’ve also got my hands on a few back issues on eBay.

I’ve also had a bit of extra time to get back into the sewing room. So without further ado, the next few posts will be Burda reviews, followed by some recent sewn garments.

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