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You know when you put on selective “blinkers” like race horses wear? I do that with my sewing room – making a bee line for the machine and ignoring everything else. This is because my sewing room is a complete disaster! Besides that fact that we haven’t finished renovating downstairs I have crap everywhere. It is …

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Like most sewing addicts my [space: project: stash] ratio is a bit out of control. I’ve been on a self-imposed fabric-purchasing ban for a few months. And now I’m setting myself a little challenge. I have to finish 10 projects, and blog about them using my existing stash before I’m allowing myself to purchase any more fabric, except for things I need to finish off a project (this should be pretty easy given how much material I have!). So game on!  I believe the first two projects on my list, will be finishing off a white Burda shirt, and adapting a vintage top from a dress I’d cut in half. Stay tuned….

This is one of my favourite Burda Magazines. The Chanel inspired black and white story has several stand-out tops. And the skirt is quite interesting.

This edition also has a great street style section with a fantastic shirt, two jersey tops and a cute pair of shorts on my list of things to make.

The kids communion dresses are amazing, shortened and in a different colour these are also cute everyday dresses.

I wasn’t a big fan of the “oriental” or “cool exotic stories” (except for a nice light weight safari jacket and pair of cuffed pants).


I love the cover of this months Burda Style Magazine. The bird fabric used on the summer dress is amazing – I’d wear that dress in a flash. However it does have a very low back, not conducive with wearing a bra so a modification will be needed when I make this one.

The plus size patterns in this issue are a stand out, and the model is one of the prettiest featured in Burda. I love the white shirt with contrast piping so will be scaling it down to my size.

The kids street style pants and shirt are cute. I think I’ll be making lots of the stove pipes for my girls.

The other favourite is the gathered cardigan, again probably something that I’ll do in a few different colours.

There are some nice pieces in the Festival Style story but the stylist must of been on some festival drugs when putting the shoot together – its one of the daggiest featured in any Burda Magazine I’ve seen.


Another summer issue with must makes low on the ground.  The kids patterns are great in this edition – the jumpsuit is adorable, as are the little harem pants and flutter sleeve dress.

The PJ pants look like an easy 2hour pattern to throw together, and I quite like the longline t-shirt, that will look great with skinny jeans.

The white dress is cute, but it is something I’ve seen before. Non-the-less I really like it in white and would also look nice in a bright summery pattern.


This is the famous weird-arse clown issue. Besides that obviously strange styling addition there are quite a few interesting pieces in this edition.

The Jackie O collection is very sophisticated – the black dress is beautiful, although I’ll change the tulip shape to a more aline shape. And the blue wool dress is a standout. The little collarless zip up jacket is quite lovely too.

I absolutely love the parka it doesn’t appear to be lined in the pattern, so I think that’s something I’d change. I’m picturing it in a graphic print rather than a solid.


There are some interesting patterns in this lot – jumpsuit and drop crotch pants abound. Both of which are on my list of things to make!

  • The flippy dress with cute flutter sleeves looks like an easy dress to wear in summer
  • The long sleeve dress would be something I could wear in winter with some opaque tights
  • There two versions for the drop crotch pant. I’d never wear hot pink pants but could be fun over a cossie in summer as would the little shorts.
  • The jumpsuit is styled in totally wrong fabric – in a lightweight fabric in black will make this pretty cool
  • All the little girl pieces are adorable, the skirt is especially pretty



You can download and purchase many patterns from – some of these older patterns are not available

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