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Wow October 2010 is choc a bloc full of winning patterns. The Karl Largerfield pattern is certainly interesting, I think I’ll make the jacket in a less structured fabric as it looks a bit bulky in the waffle pique. Lots of cute kids patterns, and as my vintage pattern collection can attest I’m rather partial to a 60s inspired cut so the jackets, shorts and skirts are pretty cool.




Burda 10/2010 #135, #136


I love scouring the net (actually does anyone say “net” anymore? am I officially old and uncool??) to find the potential new patterns in the next issue of Burda Style 09/2013  magazine (which I won’t get for another 3 – 4 months). Generally the patterns are first released in Russian, and I’ve found this site p-an-da. that possibly lists them.

Thanks to the nifty google “translate” button you can actually read a little of Russian, and from what I can gather these images/technical drawings have been released, but are not confirmed to be part of the next September Burda. Also the younger tragically styled “new romantic” model may actually be part of Burda Young issue.

Hopefully they are part of the next issue as I’m digging these two patterns, but seriously sack the stylist who has clearly been watching The Breakfast Club on repeat.

53 54

Bought fabric! Whoops – my favourite fabric store ( has a two for Tuesday deal every week, and I had to drop into a shop just across the road from the store….. and well who can resist a bargain matt silver sequin fabric, some blush coloured jersey and the perfect hot pink lycra with silver swirls for my daughters end of year dance costume….

Just a note on the store, I’ve always found interesting fabric here. So nice to see something different from what’s available at Spotlight and Lincraft (not that I don’t love those stores). I’ve picked up a few awesome vintage fabrics here and they also have leftover designer fabrics (like the  orange penguin print Alice McCall fabric I purchased a few months ago), and compared to the big two the prices at TRW are always competitive.

Well stay tuned lets see if my newly acquired purchase will be made into something shiny and fun soon.



I’m not even going to mention the “sport” patterns in this issue… well there I just did. RIght, moving on.

Whilst I don’t think I’d ever subject my girls to mummy and me dressing (although we occasionally will subconsciously leave the house all wearing the same colour) I really like the skirt and dress versions for both myself and my girls. Also thanks for the self printed fabric idea Burda, some of your crafty ideas can err on the side of cheap, but I’m quite liking the idea of doing some stamping and creating my own fabric.

There are plenty of other patterns in this issue I want to love, but won’t suit me or suffer from my no sew rule if it doesn’t have collar or waistband – sure I could draft these up but I have so many patterns that I can be picky.

In several other blogs there was alot of hate being thrown at the mint green evening dress but honestly I love its 80s throwback style. I’d never have anywhere to wear a dress like that so it didn’t make the list but what is not to love about a long ruched number! Imagine it in a black with gold foil print 80s fabric – fabulous!



You can buy these patterns individually at Or get your hands on the back issue of the magazine which features all these patterns.

Burda 06/2013 #132 #136 #134 #133 #145 #148 #109 #147 #146

On the weekend I had the pleasure of attending a vintage fabric and pattern sale.

The lady was selling said items as her mum had passed away and left an abundance of goodness. I was able to pick up about 35 patterns and a good amount of funky vintage fabric.

Below are some of my favourite patterns in the batch.

The first dress (Style 4190 – 1973) I’m especially keen on because it came already cut out with fantastic vintage fabric. (if you’re anything like me cutting a pattern out is your least favourite sewing job, besides zippers!) This is not the first time I’ve had the honour of finishing a dress off started decades earlier. And seriously what are the chances that a dress cut out at least 30 years ago is my size? Can’t wait to sew it up and wear it. It makes me a little nostalgic thinking about those pieces being cut all those years ago.

The second dress (Style 2942 – 1970) also comes with a story. The lady who was selling the items, wore this dress to her very first formal. She tells me the dipping back was quite risqué at the time. Would love to see a shot of her in this dress – will have to ask.
There are two wrap dresses which are quite similar. The famous Dian Von Furstenberg (Vogue – 1549) wrap dress is still relevant today (perhaps without the collar), and the other wrap dress I picked up because of the giraffe fabric (It’s purple and aqua and has giraffes!!). The flutter sleeve variation of this dress is quite sweet.
1549_Vogue WrapDress
And finally we have the mod A-Line shift dress (the dude in the background is laughing at her hat) this dress is simply gorgeous. Can’t wait to make it, although trying to decide what colours to make the contrast panels will be difficult (Vogue – 2245).
There was probably around 100+ patterns for sale, it was interesting to see this women’s life played out through the passage of passing fashion trends. There were early 50s patterns, followed by some awesome 60s patterns. In amongst the 60s mix were some maternity patterns (hence first children born around then) followed by toddlers outfits. The 70s patterns featured plenty of teen appropriate attire (I wonder if a teen daughter sewed her own or asked mum to make them), and the 80s we see the grandkids getting a look in.
I now have over 400 patterns in my stash, all documented in the program Sewing Kit which is very handy when considering what to make next!

Something happens to the Burda Style team during the European Summer –  All that sunshine must make them lightheaded or just plain dizzy, the evidence being some of the craziest wtf’ery I’ve seen in an issue of Burda.

The July 2012 issue has a lot of weird moments. Scarf outfits, drop waisted ugliness and square unflattering blouses. Many of these patterns don’t make it past some clothing rules of mine… I need to be able to wear a bra, something that will constantly need tugging at (shoulders that fall down, ties belts) shirts or jackets without a lapel, and waistband-less pants. I can see why I was able to get this back issue on eBay for a bargin price.

Luckily in between the weird moments there are actually some great patterns I can’t wait to make. The stand outs being the lovely longline blouse and skinny pants, two pretty blouses and the vintage dress. It’s a bit light on in the must makes, but due to all that sunshine every year the Burda summer editions are never as good as the cooler month additions – snow obviously suits those Germans!

burdastyle_07_2012Burda 07/2012: 147, 116, 129, 113, 130, 104, 130, 124, 133

It’s a sad fact of life that it takes the current issue of Burda Magazine three months to reach Australia. I don’t understand the logistics of this – yes we are on the other side of the world but does it really take 3 months by ship to get here, well obviously it does?!

My current issue is “March 2013”, and my newsagent sees me hoping around the first week of the month every month waiting for it. (Luckily his wife suffers a similar Burda Magazine obsession so he totally understands why I pop in every day for a week waiting for it!). Its actually quite a difficult magazine to get in Australia very few newsagents stock it.

The truth is though I have so many patterns on my to do list that it really isn’t that big a problem waiting 3 months, except when they release patterns like this gorgeous dress. Yes, I could buy it online straight away but its much better financially for me to wait till I can lay my mits on it – it also means I have 3 months to ponder what fabric I’m going to sew it in. Seriously this is one of my favorite Burda Magazine patterns ever (BurdaStyle Flutter Dress 08/2013 #134) . Hopefully it sews up as nicely as it looks in these pics. (And how wonderful is the sketch).

167657de-941b-a625-869b-c50f2987275f_large 23086a99-b92c-4026-0de7-561fdbc0359b_large




If you are impatient and want it now, now, now you can buy and download the pattern here:

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