Burda Style June 2013

I’m not even going to mention the “sport” patterns in this issue… well there I just did. RIght, moving on.

Whilst I don’t think I’d ever subject my girls to mummy and me dressing (although we occasionally will subconsciously leave the house all wearing the same colour) I really like the skirt and dress versions for both myself and my girls. Also thanks for the self printed fabric idea Burda, some of your crafty ideas can err on the side of cheap, but I’m quite liking the idea of doing some stamping and creating my own fabric.

There are plenty of other patterns in this issue I want to love, but won’t suit me or suffer from my no sew rule if it doesn’t have collar or waistband – sure I could draft these up but I have so many patterns that I can be picky.

In several other blogs there was alot of hate being thrown at the mint green evening dress but honestly I love its 80s throwback style. I’d never have anywhere to wear a dress like that so it didn’t make the list but what is not to love about a long ruched number! Imagine it in a black with gold foil print 80s fabric – fabulous!



You can buy these patterns individually at burdastyle.com. Or get your hands on the back issue of the magazine which features all these patterns.

Burda 06/2013 #132 #136 #134 #133 #145 #148 #109 #147 #146


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