Treasure Hunting

On the weekend I had the pleasure of attending a vintage fabric and pattern sale.

The lady was selling said items as her mum had passed away and left an abundance of goodness. I was able to pick up about 35 patterns and a good amount of funky vintage fabric.

Below are some of my favourite patterns in the batch.

The first dress (Style 4190 – 1973) I’m especially keen on because it came already cut out with fantastic vintage fabric. (if you’re anything like me cutting a pattern out is your least favourite sewing job, besides zippers!) This is not the first time I’ve had the honour of finishing a dress off started decades earlier. And seriously what are the chances that a dress cut out at least 30 years ago is my size? Can’t wait to sew it up and wear it. It makes me a little nostalgic thinking about those pieces being cut all those years ago.

The second dress (Style 2942 – 1970) also comes with a story. The lady who was selling the items, wore this dress to her very first formal. She tells me the dipping back was quite risqué at the time. Would love to see a shot of her in this dress – will have to ask.
There are two wrap dresses which are quite similar. The famous Dian Von Furstenberg (Vogue – 1549) wrap dress is still relevant today (perhaps without the collar), and the other wrap dress I picked up because of the giraffe fabric (It’s purple and aqua and has giraffes!!). The flutter sleeve variation of this dress is quite sweet.
1549_Vogue WrapDress
And finally we have the mod A-Line shift dress (the dude in the background is laughing at her hat) this dress is simply gorgeous. Can’t wait to make it, although trying to decide what colours to make the contrast panels will be difficult (Vogue – 2245).
There was probably around 100+ patterns for sale, it was interesting to see this women’s life played out through the passage of passing fashion trends. There were early 50s patterns, followed by some awesome 60s patterns. In amongst the 60s mix were some maternity patterns (hence first children born around then) followed by toddlers outfits. The 70s patterns featured plenty of teen appropriate attire (I wonder if a teen daughter sewed her own or asked mum to make them), and the 80s we see the grandkids getting a look in.
I now have over 400 patterns in my stash, all documented in the program Sewing Kit which is very handy when considering what to make next!

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