Burda Style July 2012

Something happens to the Burda Style team during the European Summer –  All that sunshine must make them lightheaded or just plain dizzy, the evidence being some of the craziest wtf’ery I’ve seen in an issue of Burda.

The July 2012 issue has a lot of weird moments. Scarf outfits, drop waisted ugliness and square unflattering blouses. Many of these patterns don’t make it past some clothing rules of mine… I need to be able to wear a bra, something that will constantly need tugging at (shoulders that fall down, ties belts) shirts or jackets without a lapel, and waistband-less pants. I can see why I was able to get this back issue on eBay for a bargin price.

Luckily in between the weird moments there are actually some great patterns I can’t wait to make. The stand outs being the lovely longline blouse and skinny pants, two pretty blouses and the vintage dress. It’s a bit light on in the must makes, but due to all that sunshine every year the Burda summer editions are never as good as the cooler month additions – snow obviously suits those Germans!

burdastyle_07_2012Burda 07/2012: 147, 116, 129, 113, 130, 104, 130, 124, 133


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