On the other side of the world

It’s a sad fact of life that it takes the current issue of Burda Magazine three months to reach Australia. I don’t understand the logistics of this – yes we are on the other side of the world but does it really take 3 months by ship to get here, well obviously it does?!

My current issue is “March 2013”, and my newsagent sees me hoping around the first week of the month every month waiting for it. (Luckily his wife suffers a similar Burda Magazine obsession so he totally understands why I pop in every day for a week waiting for it!). Its actually quite a difficult magazine to get in Australia very few newsagents stock it.

The truth is though I have so many patterns on my to do list that it really isn’t that big a problem waiting 3 months, except when they release patterns like this gorgeous dress. Yes, I could buy it online straight away but its much better financially for me to wait till I can lay my mits on it – it also means I have 3 months to ponder what fabric I’m going to sew it in. Seriously this is one of my favorite Burda Magazine patterns ever (BurdaStyle Flutter Dress 08/2013 #134) . Hopefully it sews up as nicely as it looks in these pics. (And how wonderful is the sketch).

167657de-941b-a625-869b-c50f2987275f_large 23086a99-b92c-4026-0de7-561fdbc0359b_large




If you are impatient and want it now, now, now you can buy and download the pattern here: http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/flutter-dress-082013?utm_source=burdastyle&utm_medium=nl&utm_campaign=bsmhnl080113-flutterdress


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