Burda Style April 2013

This issue was a little light up on patterns that I really want to make. At a stretch the long pullover top and maxi dress I could happily make and wear, but they won’t be at the top of the list. I do however love the blouse, especially the lace backed version. I have many pairs of pants and am going to make a few of these tops specifically to go with certain pairs. It looks very simple and quick to make. The pants again suffer from “long-crotch” syndrom, I see at least 10cm being removed from them to fit my proportions.

I’ve often read posts on Burda Style and other bloggers bemoaning the fact that Burda Style magazine just doesn’t do Summer as well as winter, this issue definitely backs up this theory.

I like the cut and pockets of the mens jacket but in the blue cord it looks seriously daggy, will have to funk this up if DH would consider wearing it. Perhaps a kaki colour or a simple black (non cord) fabric would work well – something a bit street.


You can purchase these patterns at burdastyle.com


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